HAP video player

A video playback node that is able to decode HAP encoded video on the GPU. HAP is an open source video codec with support for alpha layers. HAP decodes on the GPU freeing up other resources, and enables more videos to be played back at once- and at higher quality. (Think of 20 1920*1080 videos playing back from the same computer)

I’ve opened this for community voting.

This may be implemented in the current Movie Node, or is there a need for a separate node.

I’m thinking we’ll add this to the existing Play Movie and Decode Movie Image nodes.

bump this for votes.

Does Vuo use AVFoundation for video decoding? If so I believe there is a new AVFoundation HAP library- so its 64 bit. (The old QuickTime plugin is 32 bit only- and QuickTime is EOL - so there will never be 64 bit QT). I know with qc there is the need for it to be launched into 32 bit mode to use HAP.

Vuo currently uses FFmpeg for video decoding. Starting with Vuo 1.2.0alpha3, Vuo will use either FFmpeg or AVFoundation (depending on which framework is faster at / capable of decoding each container/codec).

Fantastic news! Should see faster prores decodes? Does that mean that the encoder is also AVFoundation aware?

Should see faster prores decodes?

Hopefully. The new AVFoundation code is just about to the point where we can start doing performance comparisons.

Does that mean that the encoder is also AVFoundation aware?

Yes. (Vuo’s movie exporting has always used AVFoundation.)

In Vuo 1.2.5 we added Hap codec support to Play Movie, Decode Movie Image, and Get Movie Info.

Wow! This is fantastic! Outstanding! Very unexpected! A great step forward! Exciting times. Congratulations team Vuo!!!

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