Has anyone made anything using orientations + coordinates from NImate?

Happy New Year everyone!

I’d like to build a ‘simple’ kinect skeleton from cylinders utilising the orientations from NI mate.
The current Skeleton filter just uses coordinates therefor we get no limb rotations.
Has anyone got an example they would be willing to share?

In the long run I’d like to get somewhere towards being able to build something akin to this great example, I know we need more than just rotations ;) :

Yeah, the current Filter Skeleton node uses NI mate’s “Basic” OSC mapping, which is just positions. NI mate also has a “Basic + Orientation” mapping that includes rotations. In your composition, maybe you could calculate the rotations from the joint positions using Make Quaternion from Vectors.

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I have spent a few days getting orientations from NI mate working.

Please have a look and test of the attached if you can, thanks.
I’m getting random slowdowns again with this one, not sure where I should put the Hold Value.

Also seems that the Y coordinate of the Quaternions from Nimate needed reversing unless that’s something wrong in Vuo?


ahha I worked it out.
Had to add the Hold values on the quaternions but had forgotten that I had to revert the Hold to generic to take in the quaternion translations.
All smooth now. Time to add some sound effects :)  

Kinect Quaternions Joints and Limbs.zip (12.1 KB)

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