Hearing Range Test

Human ear is said to hear frequencies between 20 - 20 000 Hz.

This app and composition allows you to play with these frequencies and run the test for yourself.

I can hear frequencies up to 17.500 Hz when the volume is set quite loud.

By default I sat the loudness quite low to avoid brutal high frequency in your ears when you start the app, but still I RECOMMEND TO SET YOUR SPEAKER VOLUME QUITE LOW ON START and tune it up slowly ;)

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Hearing Range Test.vuo (25 KB)

Hearing Range Test.app_.zip (7.4 MB)



Square preview is for the Composition Gallery preview, here are some bigger previews :

Given that musical notes (and how we perceive pitch, more generally) behave with a logarithmic frequency scale, you will find that the user has more control over what the pitch sounds like with the modified composition, attached. (See image for a quick glance at the new nodes.)

Scaling between 4 (log2(16)) and ~14.2877 (log2(20000)) will give you the same frequency range as in the original composition.

Granted, this doesn’t give you the same fine control over the actual frequency number in the upper range, and may not be as suitable for a hearing test as a result, but I think you’ll find controlling the resulting pitch feels more natural and intuitive.

Hearing Range Test - Logarithmic.vuo (25.7 KB)

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.29.45 AM.png

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@Pianomatic thanks ;)