Heightfield (vuonode plugin & example)

This is a height field shader that interfaces with Vuo scene objects.

The height field extrusion can be adjusted in any direction - x/y/z.

The width, standoffWidth, and showThirdEdge are for wireframe effects. A width of 1 should create the effect of a solid mesh.

CustomHeightfieldShader.zip (19.9 KB)


Consider this alpha grade, please. There may be some instances where a composition won’t fire down correctly with this, or it may be due to a bug with parametric mesh(?). I’m unsure, but please respond with test cases if that happens.

This also seems to not work with the point mesh.

I can’t get it to work in the current Vuo Version 1.1.1. Is there any way to get the heightfield to work?

@scrat, Vuo 1.1 has a built-in set of nodes to make heightfields. Check out the Displace 3D Object with Image node and its example compositions (Dent Room, Displace Radial Gradients, Make Rugged Terrain).