Help converting composition with Fire Periodically to image generator

Stuck again with How to Fire Periodically in an Image Generator?

The attached comp, gifPlayer, works as expected with a Fire Periodically node. How can I get the gifPlayerIG comp to work? The workaround is not working, nor is anything i try with snap, and I have a feedback loop tripping me up. Btw, I would like the image generator version to be a subcomp (as well as something I can use in VDMX).

Another question: is subcomposition behavior the same for these issues, with Fire Periodically, for “normal” subcomps, Image Generator, etc.?

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.07.16 AM.png

You could replace the Fire Periodically with a delay made up of Measure Time -> Is Greater Than -> Became True. See attached composition.

Another question: is subcomposition behavior the same for these issues, with Fire Periodically, for “normal” subcomps, Image Generator, etc.?

Fire Periodically behaves the same in a subcomposition as in a top-level composition. Fire Periodically is not a good node to use in an Image Generator if exporting to a movie because it operates in real-time instead of based on the composition’s time published input. Does that answer your question?

gifPlayer_2016-03-07.vuo (7.17 KB)

Needed a little rewiring to get this to work in the Image Generator. Got it, Jaymie, thanks again.

gifPlayerIG.vuo (7.22 KB)

Good lesson, thank you, Jaymie.

@jersmi & @jstrecker

Do you guys think that a feature request for a protocol friendly version of fire periodically would be good?

I am thinking that it could potentially reduce future confusion. And if there is a need for one node (instead of using 3) then I think it is warranted. Even if it seems simple to replicate in a few nodes.

Any thoughts guys?

Sounds good, a Fire Periodically that uses composition time. Or maybe the protocols use comp time by default? Besides that, I should make a couple subcomps as I learn consistent situations, not there yet, I’m still befuddled by event flow and time based issues, comes with mastering the tools, of course.

I completely agree @jersmi! This is such a simple node, but one that would get rid of so much confusion. At least this way when one searches in the library for fire periodically there will be two related nodes, and possibly the node description text could let the user know which is best to use for each situation:

If you are using Image Generator Protocol consider using vuo.time.firePeriodicallyGenerator as opposed to vuo.time.firePeriodically

I think these are great discussion as it proves that Vuo is becoming a mature, stable platform. We are really getting into the user perspective, and the finer points of usability.

Yep, kinda like QC’s ability to select timebase source. for me timebase issues are difficult within Vuo’s event-based model. I can only imagine the discussions at Team Vuo HQ, from Vuo’s inception. I still need some time to get up to speed, to think the thought of event based programming.

Similar to Allow First Event which is the protocol-friendly version of Fire on Start, we could do an Allow Periodic Events as the protocol-friendly version of Fire Periodically. Feel free to create a feature request if this is a priority for you.