Hide Editor Toolbar as an option

An option to hide the toolbar of the Vuo editor.
When you know the keyboard commands and zoom using pinch, you could benefit from that extra height space.

Mockup :


For clarification, are you asking for some action you could take when you started working in the editor window to hide it, and some specific action to bring the titlebar back when you needed it? Otherwise, how could you move the window or see its title?

That is what I was thinking of yeah, but didn’t think about dragging it ;)
An option with a keyboard shortcut to hide/show.
But if it’s much trouble, just table this idea, forgot about hiding the labels, which already shrinks the top bar. Probably much work for not much.


We appreciate it when our community members share their ideas. Thank you for your support! As suggested, we’re tabling this feature request.

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