Hold Command modifier to drag cable from OUTPUT of node

Problem: Often I need to change a cable coming out of one node, to instead come out of a different node.

Currently, dragging from the output port of a node will always spawn a new cable.

Suggestion: Hold Command on commencement of drag should grab the existing (last added) cable end, from the END of a node.

@keithlang, this sounds like FR Replace all connected output cables at once. Is that correct? If so, we’ll merge them.

No, this is not a direct overlap, AFAICT.

For example, I may want to change just ONE of the cables outputting from a node. But there is overlap in functionality, not just total.

Update, if my proposal on https://community.vuo.org/t/-/5394 was accepted, that would negate this ticket.

We’ve accepted part of your proposal on Replace all connected output cables at once.

Does that cover everything you needed for this feature request?

Keith, you said if your proposal was accepted on Replace all connected oputput cables at once, that would negate this FR. We’re merging this into that feature request.