Hold List on command

Hi. I been trying the" hold list node" but it does not seems to do the trick. I want it to hold a list until I tell the node to hold a new one, but since it always updates when the “new value” port gets an event, I can´t do it. Am I doing something wrong?. The list gets pushed by the “get drag value” so every time I drag a folder a new list gets “hold”. I want to send the list data to many different “hold list” nodes and choose which one holds it, but every time I drag a new folder, it updates all the “hold list” nodes. I have two ideas on how to fix this. First: Is there a way or node to split the Data+Event stream? This would be a useful thing to have. A “split data node” that lets you separate events and data, so you can choose data without event. Also putting in the “Hold list” and “hold value” nodes a port that updates the data on command instead of every time a new data+event gets pushed into it could work. Any ideas?

Thank you

The “Hold” and “Hold List” are essentially the split data from event nodes. The other way around is the “Spin Off Event” node which only gives you the event. I just noticed that there is a fire input on the new value of the “Hold” nodes that I haven’t been aware of earlier, but I at least thought they stopped anything until you fired something to the refresh port.

If you want to decide where the data should go, then perhaps logic routers would be a better way to go?

Hi Magneson

I can understand better the “hold node” with the idea that it is the split form data and events. I will give it round with this in mind and come back here with more info about this.