How can I create an array of independent buttons


I’m trying to create an array of independent buttons arranged horizontally in the window. Each button should be a unique object which reacts independently to mouse hovers and clicks.

My composition creates an array of buttons but doing so stops the mouse-over hover effect. In my mind I was assuming that each iteration of the BuildList node would create an independent button object which points to the same window.

Is my composition wrong or am I incorrectly trying to apply a procedural / OOP paradigm to a visual programming tool?

arrayOfButtons.vuo (4.18 KB)

With a Build List node, all the buttons have the same ID since they’re created by a single Make Action Button node within the loop.

We are planning for a new way to iterate that will assign a unique ID to every layer inside the iterator, but we don’t yet have a timeline on when that’ll be available.

In the meantime, you can use multiple Make Action Button nodes and Arrange Layers in Column.

button-array.vuo (3.57 KB)


Thanks @jmcc

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I working on a kiosk app that is similarly ^ structured, using multiple sets of my attached ‘button array’. So in my button ‘index’ page I have 5 paginated sets of these, overlaying a grid of images, and the app (and composition) suffer from performance issues when loading, scrolling, and switching to other parts of the interaction.

I don’t mind all the patching, but we might expect to be able to iterate through all the buttons (hanging out for that feature ;-)) and only call them when needed (in my case when flipping through the pages). So I hope to be able to improve performance (on a m1 Mac mini) some how - any ideas?

button array.vuo (23.3 KB)

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Is this what you’re aiming for, @carlitos? (4.5 KB)

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thanks Jaymie!
that’s kind of like an iterator ;-) cool - yes this helps. I’ll be back with a few further parts.