How could we go about making this?

For those of you who don’t know Zach Lieberman, he’s a G, you should check out his instagram, you may like it ;)
Recently anyway he’s been playing with something that I think’s really interesting and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about achieving an effect like this:

It’s as if all these layers are pinned together, I had a play with a grid and a noise node but the grids just too uniform to lay out typography like that.
Maybe a displacement map of sorts, I’m not sure?
What do you think?

Here’s one way to tightly pack different-width texts into a row — create a layer for each text, scale each to a different width, then combine with Arrange Layers in Row. Then you can similarly pack the rows into columns — scale each row’s layer to a different height, then combine with Arrange Layers in Column’.

stretchtext.vuo (19.2 KB)