How could you bypass a cameras 'distance min' '-max' clipping plane?

Hey Guys,

So I was wondering how you could bypass a cameras ‘Distance Min’ & ‘Distance Max’

Imagine you have a 3d scene with a fairly large cube in it and a camera. If I set a very tight margin between my cameras distance min and distance max you can position it in such a way that you get a slice of the cube.
The trouble when you do something like this your background environment and anything else you have in your composition/scene also gets clipped.

I’ve tried using the trim 3d object to clip certain things in my scene but you don’t get nice enough clipping of the objects if you can understand me.

If anyone has any workarounds or ideas that would be next!

Maybe another solution might be to be able to interact 2 objects if this is possible?

Interesting idea. This would make a straighter cut than Trim 3D Object, since it would be at the pixel level instead of the triangle level.

Since clipping is per-camera, one possibility would be to render your object to clip with one Render Scene to Window and the chosen clipping distances, and the rest of the scene with another Render Scene to Window and the default clipping distances, and combine them with Blend Images.

Another possibility would be a feature request for a Clip 3D Object node, if you wanted to create that. It would be like Trim 3D Object but give the straight cut by using clipping distances. It would probably be 2 dots of complexity (up to a few weeks of work).

Maybe another solution might be to be able to interact 2 objects if this is possible?

We are working on a node to intersect 3D objects. The output is somewhat different than clipping, since it produces a closed surface rather than a cross-section.

Would love to see this intersect 3d objects node!