How do I control audio playback rate and position dynamically?

How do I control audio playback speed and playhead position dynamically?
I can’t find any examples using audioframe / timestamp…etc

I would like to assign audio samples to the position and movement of incoming Kinect joint coordinates.
It’s so I can make this sound like it looks: Ice Man

Getting towards my aims with the help of @MartinusMagneson

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@Scratchpole, I’m glad you were able to find a solution with help from @MartinusMagneson.

For reference of other people with the same question, see @Scratchpole’s composition Spikey noisey kinect play audio by position. It demonstrates using Set Time to move the audio playhead.

If you want to change playback speed or move the playhead more smoothly, you could make Vuo send MIDI to some other software like Ableton Live that can do dynamic resampling/time-stretching. (Feature requests are also welcome.)