How do I work out the dimensions of a Text Layer object?

I need to know the width and height of a text layer after user sets it up with variable font size. When I get the dimensions of the text (which will appear on an HD1080 window) II can use the dimensions to put a block of colour just say 20px wider and higher than the text. Trivially easy, but not yet!

If I use Render layer to Image node:
a) the text and image size is totally dependent on the height and width inputs
b) leaving width and height as 0, 0 just makes a null image
c) if I use the comp window dimensions I get an image of the text as it would appear on the screen and no idea how wide or high the text part of the image is in pixels

Sorry to talk about QC so much, but it’s a piece of cake in QC. I find it frustrating that the Vuo documentation isn’t helping me in any way with such a basic task.

text image size (QC file) (10 KB)

bottom third start.vuo (4.82 KB)

Much easier to use the “Get Layer Bounds” node! :)


Thanks @MartinusMagneson. I wish this node suggestion came up when I typed in “layer dimensions”, “image dimensions”, “Text Dimensions”, “Text Size”, and a dozen other things into the Node Library (which actually is usually pretty good at matching needs, even with QC patch names with a similar function).

This has to get more tags in the Node Library, I will FR It,

I think the main issue I have in self-tuition with Vuo (ironic given the aspiration that it were to a be code tuition tool in eduction) is that there’s a lot more types than in QC and other node programming environments. It’s very hard to see beneath the hood sometimes, where as QC was pretty literal in what it passed around, mostly just primitive types and structures. It’s good that Vuo has more sophisticate type data being passed around, it can be more powerful, and I envisaged that going a lot further in Vuo Alpha 0.1 days but I think there needs to be some kind of inspection tool that lifts the hood on what is being passed around. Also wires should be colour or dot/dash coded to not special instances of datatypes. Dunno but it’s a buffer to learn this for me. I tend to think in first principles and getting the maths sorted first and seems like Vuo has all these tricks that offer less control but more shortcuts, if you know them and they fit what you are looking to do.

@useful_design, Vuo 2.2.1 adds more keywords for the Get (Rendered) Layer Bounds nodes to make them easier to find in the node library.