How do you create options for screensavers?

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Is there a way to create options under the settings/screensaver for an exported Vuo Screensaver? Specifically I want the user to be able to insert text into a text box (that will then be used in the image.

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Sadly not yet, at least not with a built-in function. Loved that in QC back then, but it stopped working with QC a while back too at some macOS update.
Just created a feature request for that since I’d love that too (have to wait until the team reviews it and opens it up for voting before voting is possible) : A UI for storing / editing published ports (save prefs) for screensavers

(Not to be confused with the same request, but for exported apps instead of screensavers : A UI for storing and editing published input port values)

The only way I see now for people to change in image would be to go to the screensaver package, right-click to show package content, navigate to the image in the ressources folder and replace it with theirs I guess.  

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Thanks! Will vote…