How does one view the C code for stock Vuo nodes? How can we edit/write our own nodes in C? (I looked in the manual for this)

That’s pretty much it :-)

On the Additional downloads page, you can download the source code archive, or you can browse Vuo’s source code on GitHub.

In the node folder, the nodes are organized by node set.

Documentation on creating nodes is available on Start with the Developing Node Classes and Port Types page.

In the SDK download (also available on the Additional Downloads page), there are a couple examples of complete nodes, including CMake project files that make it easy to compile and install the node.

I’m having great difficulties downloading the Qt tools. The recommended DL for me is 8.5GB in size and whenever I switch apps away from the Installer which also handles the entire DL it seems to freeze. Any ideas gratefully received.

Try downloading the offline installation package here:

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