How does the Re-fire Event command determine where the event actually fires from?

It is not obvious to me how Vuo works out where it will trigger an event(s) from with the Re-fire Event command. At different stages of building a composition I will see the animation of a firing event on a different node when I hit CMD+“T”. COuld only find two mentions of Re-firing Event in the manual and this detail wasn’t covered even in passing.

Second question, in my comp why does Re-firing update the line curve onscreen while the periodic event node firing to the refresh port of the same node (and a few others for good measure) doesn’t change the data the line drawing node has?

form a line from random data.vuo (5.72 KB)

I do not know if it helps.

EDIT01_form a line from random data.vuo (5.56 KB)


Thanks @Xavier_dev! When I wrote this I didn’t know how to make a data wire into an event only wire (hold SHIFT key while dragging) so I couldn’t run it into the Fire input port (why I put into the Refresh port of the Build List node). I ended up running the fire wire to the Refresh port of the Shared Value node before the Build List and that passed the event into the Fire of the Build List

@jstrecker What is the point of the Refresh port next to the node title if it doesn’t cause the node to execute? How can it be refreshing the output without firing? I see how it works for nodes will walls on the inputs (Shared List node for eg), it fires when you want it to rather than when the new data arrives. But in this case it doesn’t seem to make Build List node fire.

It seems like CMD + “T” fires an event at the last port you manually fired an event from using CMD + Click or from Right Button Menu. So Vuo just remembers the last port I think.

First answer — Yes, as you figured out, @useful_design, Re-Fire Event fires an event through the trigger port or input port that most recently had an event manually fired. (This is mentioned in the manual under Firing an event manually.)

Second answer — @Xavier_dev already showed how to connect Fire Periodically into the Fire port of Build List to get the desired result. In fact there is no point to the refresh port on that particular node, since all of its output ports are triggers and the refresh port doesn’t affect triggers. In Vuo 1.3 we’re getting rid of the refresh port. It’s superfluous on some nodes and we’ve heard that people generally find it more confusing than helpful.

Thanks Jaymie.

So Hold Value and similar nodes with walls on all ports will get a new trigger port to replace refresh port?

Yes, an “Update” trigger port.