How to automatically transform a draggable camera?

I guess there is a situation that might come about where you want programmatic control of the camera, but at times you want to be able to interact directly for debugging or whatever. In QC you just put the whole renderer chain inside a Trackball Macro. I’m not sure how you would do it in Vuo, would you need two cameras inputing to renderer, one being driven by nodes and the other by direct interactions?

I suppose one solution would be to make a node that takes mouse and key events directly and converts that into transformation messages that can be feed into the draggle camera node, that way you can switch between the two to override one or the other. could get messy though… leave it to the brains trust to figure this out.

You can use a combination of Make Draggable Camera (user interaction) and applying a transform to the scene (programmatic control). Whereas in QC you’d use nested macros, in Vuo you’d use cables. See attached composition.

DisplayCube-spin-and-drag.vuo (4.28 KB)