👻 How to avoid 'ghost' Events?

Hello all!

Here’s one that has me puzzled. In the following composition, even though there’s nothing connected to the Select Event Input node, I still get Events from its output.

I’d love to know why this is, and how to avoid it? I want to make a switch that allows events through if TRUE and no events if FALSE.

Ghost Events.vuo (1.92 KB)

Yes if I’m right that has been discussed already why that Select Event Input doesn’t have a wall on the “Which” port.
You can either

  • Add an “Allow Changes” node between Is Greather Then and the Select Event Input (see screenshot).

  • Or Use the node If True, Else (Events) node I posted yesterday : Other logic utilities

  • I wonder if the team doesn’t plan to update that specific node. Until then, below joined is the node with a wall (will post to the node gallery too).

Capture d’écran 2020-08-27 à 03.50.47.png  

Select Event Boolean Test 1.2.zip (6.52 KB)

bss.select.inBooleanEventWall.c.zip (1.21 KB)

Brilliant, thanks @bodysoulspirit. I think I owe you a :coffee: for all your help.

And yes, I personally would call this a bug–I can’t think of a scenario where a disconnected input should be generating an event at the output.

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After review by the team, we decided to accept the Select Input Event bug report.