How to change the background color of a scene?

When using Render Scene to Window/Image to display a 3D scene, how can I change the background color from the default black to something else?

How about when using Render Layers to Window/Image to display 2D layers?

For 3D scenes, add a flat 3D object to your scene with Make Unlit 3D Object from Image. Position it behind all of the other 3D objects (in terms of z-coordinate for Center). Increase its Width so that it covers the entire window/image.

For 2D layers, add a layer with Make Color Layer. Connect it to the top (1) port of the drawer for Layers on Render Layers to Window/Image so that it appears behind all of the other layers. Increase its Width and Height to cover the entire window/image.

WhiteBackground3D.vuo (2.26 KB)

WhiteBackground2D.vuo (2.54 KB)

P.S. There’s a feature request for making this more straightforward — Background Color - Clear Node.

Thanks Jamie.

For those who would use moving cameras I find large flat 3D elements to be inconvenient sometimes because edges can be shown and Z-axis needs to be played with.

So beside the methods described by Jamie I could want to add a large Unlit Cube with it’s front masked and rendered in first state.

You may want to download the sub composition below, add it in your user modules folder and connect it to the render scene ports (or copy-paste the sub composition content to your composition).


Bodysoulspirit.MakeBackgroundColorCube.vuo (1.47 KB)

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