How to delay a video stream.

To use a Recieve live video node. Split the input in two. Flip one of the two horisontaly delay it and then render both to a Render Layers to window I can do.
But…How to delay one of the live video streams is what I would like to know.
All ideas are welcome. Thankyou.

Hi @miramon9 !

You mean split the image in two or put side by side the realtime stream beside a delayed one ?
Or with delay you mean the video should start later receiving live or you want the video to be stored and played later ?

Perhaps a screenshot of the composition or the composition could help.

If what you want is to delay the live video for later I guess you will have to store the frames with an enqueue node (see attached composition below). The composition here will delay the live video by 10 frames. Depending on how fast much images your camera is feeding per second you will have to increase or decrease the stored images of the “Enqueue node”.

There may be better ideas for achieving this but this is an easy one that will work if the delay has not to be too long.

Delay Live Video 1.0.vuo (3.28 KB)

Oops just saw @jstrecker already answered the same kind of question. She made a composition that you can find here Delay Value (before passthrough) node


Thank you, #BodySoulspirit!
Below you can see what I came up with, from your help. I found the streicher node a bit sluggish.
My aim is to stand in front of a screen and interact with myself.

DoubleVideoBra.vuo (4.35 KB)

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Hey @miramon9 ;)

Glad it helped.

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I don’t understand what you mean with streicher node ? You mean Strecker her composition ?

Great to see you came up with some modified composition ;) It doesn’t load for me as you named your video input to your camera and mine is not named that way but as long as it works for you !

Should I mark this as answered or do you have any more questions I could help with regarding this ?

Adding the 2 mentioned compositions in the comments above as an answer to mark this as answered.

So these are a way to cache and store some video frames before to play them. If what you wan’t is just to start the stream later, use the “Schedule” node to start the “Receive Live Video” at a given time.

Delay Value (before passthrough) node comment- Composition by Jaymie

My composition shared here above in the comments