How to fade out the audio from a video?

Hello everyone,

thank you so much, dear vuo community! This site has been very helpful to me as I’ve decided to focus on the wonder of this software.

I’m currently building a small VJ/playlist instrument and am currently struggling with a feature I can’t get to work: fading out the sound of a video.

please have a look at my composition that loads videos (with audio) from a folder, selects a random video, starts at a random position and plays the video for 10sec. After 7 seconds the sound of the video should fade out.
This should still work if I change the videos manually (using the up/down arrows on the keyboard).

How is this possible (at all)? I would be grateful for any help.
VideoPlaylist-audio-fadeout.vuo (14.1 KB)

Here’s an example with a single movie. There are different ways you could do it, but Smooth with Duration used here is one way to move the loudness gradually from 1 to 0.

MovieAudioFadeOut.vuo (6.2 KB)

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Jamie, thank you very much - i figured it out myself and used “smooth with duration”, but your solution is much more elegant. thanks for that! it helps me a lot to understand better how to work with vuo. it’s not easy to get into the thinking at first, feels like doing a puzzle … but it gets better with time.

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