How to get point mode with a node?

I’ve tried to approach height fields that can work on deforming the built in Vuo objects two different ways, as a shader, and as a warp. Both are in the composition repository.

When I try to use the point grid with either, my shader or warp function don’t seem to push the points of the point grid out. They work fine with the other objects though, like the sphere, or parametric grid (unless regular parametric grid resolution is very high, but that seems to be a problem with parametric grid in general).

Is there a logical reason for this, or is it a bug on my part, or Vuo’s? I’ve looked through the two projects and can’t seem to figure out a reason why either would fail in this one particular case. I don’t really see anything different in the approach between something like the height field warp I uploaded, and the built in noise warp, that should make this feature break.


@George_Toledo, I think the problem is that the Heightfield Deform node relies on texture coordinates, but the combination of Make Parametric GridMake Point Mesh produces a mesh without texture coordinates.

As part of the “Generate a Mesh from an Image” feature request, we’re planning to include new grid triangle/line/point generators that include texture coordinates.

In the meantime, you could try modifying your Heightfield Deform shader to use position.xy as the coordinates you pass to texture2D(), instead of textureCoordinate.xy.

Fantastic, that sounds like it should work out! That would explain why trying to implement the idea as a full shader, and as a scene warp function, both failed. Thanks for your time looking into it, and clear answer.