How to insert a new version of Vuo into VDMX

Vuo 2.4.1 fixes several crashes and graphics glitches when using Vuo compositions in VDMX with “Run Vuo files in separate processes” unchecked. (Special thanks to @Joëlle for her assistance!)

The latest VDMX release (b8.7.2.13) still uses an older version of Vuo. So you won’t automatically get the Vuo bug fixes until VDMX puts out another release.

However, you can make VDMX use the latest version of Vuo with these steps:

  1. In Finder, right-click on and select Show Package Contents.
  2. Navigate to Contents > Frameworks > VVVuoKit.framework > Versions > A > Frameworks.
  3. Move Vuo.framework to the Trash.
  4. Keep that Finder window open, then open another Finder window, right-click on, and select Show Package Contents.
  5. Navigate to Contents > Frameworks.
  6. Copy Vuo.framework from into (the same folder you navigated to in step 2). Make sure to copy it instead of moving it.

The next time you launch VDMX, it will use the new version of Vuo. In VDMX, you should probably go to VDMX5 > Preferences > Vuo and clear the Vuo cache. While there, you can uncheck the “Run Vuo files in separate processes” checkbox if you want Vuo compositions to load faster.

These instructions have been tested with Vuo 2.4.1 and VDMX5 b8.7.2.13. They may also work for future versions of Vuo and VDMX.


:partying_face: :tada: thanks for all the hard work, it’s exciting to see all the updates!

VIDVOX recently released a new version, VDMX5 b8.7.2.14, that uses Vuo 2.4.1.