How to learn more about creating input editors

I would love to learn more about creating input editors, is there a section of the SDK that discusses this in detail? I have read the current SDK, but I would really love a few more examples, especially making custom GUI features, (such that we would need in a KeyFrame editor).

For documentation, see . (Current version is available by going to > current release > Developing an input editor. Or just editing the URL.)

For a simple example, see the Vuo SDK: example/node/customType.

For more examples, specifically all of Vuo’s built-in input editors, see the Vuo source code: type/inputEditor.

SDK and source code are on the Download page.

Thanks @jstrecker!

Would love to see a few more examples of this, should I do a FR?

What examples do you envision? Since there are almost 30 built-in input editors, I think we have it covered on sheer quantity ;) Are you maybe looking for more simple/illustrative examples to be included in the SDK? If so, what kinds or what topics? (Sure, that could be a feature request.)

I would really like to see a Graphical example of an input editor. Currently input editors use text or selection menus. Being able to see the code for a graphical XY pad input editor would be a great example, for example. ;-)

The hardest part of a graphical input editor, such as an XY pad, would probably be the Qt code. It would entail writing a custom widget that responds to user input. For that I’d actually recommend the Qt widgets examples. Once you have the custom Qt widget, interfacing with Vuo is a matter of setting up some methods and slots, as in VuoInputEditorColor and VuoInputEditorTransform2d.

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Thanks for info @jstrecker!