How to make an app store fund itself and further Vuo development?

[ @smokris on Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins ] We’d like to eventually host an app store for the Vuo community, but given our limited resources, it’ll be a while before we can get to that. In the meantime, there are other places you can easily sell stuff you make with Vuo (e.g., Gumroad, Bandcamp, Sellfy), and we could consider linking to your stuff (like we do in the node gallery).

Vuo team: if an App Store is on the cards how can you guys make this work positively - to fund itself and also further Vuo development? I am guessing other online portals charge a small fee for sale- that would be good to look into for any possible Vuo App Store. The last thing I would want is an extra service offered by team Vuo that takes away development resources from Vuo without giving back.

Unless of course it is judged to be a value adding service!?

alexmitchellmus, that’s a great question. if we were to host an app store, we’d definitely want to make sure it’s sustainable and it keeps the momentum going in Vuo development. So yes, we would most likely recoup the cost of developing and maintaining the app store by charging some amount to sellers.

As Steve mentioned in his comment on How can custom nodes speed up Vuo development and reach more users?, the store won’t be coming in the near future, but there are some stepping stones coming sooner or already available.

Even if Kosada had a gallery page using a more suitable layout for that purpose and prominent links to site where it can be purchased we could set up our own micro-web stores or Noise Industries et al if they became a distributor for the better quality plugins. Be nice if Kosada could take a cut though rather than a third party.