How to make simple QC image motion blur effect in vuo? GLSL Shader?

Hi, i’m new vuo user form Quartz Composer, seem vuo only have one blur effect in library.

I try to rebuild my QC project in vuo these day. I get a lot problem in here, is vuo contain all the function of QC?

Vuo only has the one built-in blur node so far. There’s an open feature request for more, including motion blur. [Edit:] We added more blur nodes in Vuo 1.2.4. Vuo now has more blur options that Quartz Composer.

Yes, you could do motion blur with a GLSL shader. The easiest way would be to find some motion blur code on and use the Make Image with Shadertoy node. (If using the newer Shadertoy syntax, see @alexmitchellmus’s notes on “Translating a ShaderToy shader to Vuo” here. Corresponding bug report here.)

There are equivalent Vuo nodes for many but not all of QC’s patches. QC does some things Vuo can’t (some of which have open feature requests), and Vuo does some things that QC can’t.