How to make the pointer disappear in fullscreen?

Can’t seem to find an answer to this: how to make the mouse pointer disappear when the composition loader is in fullscreen mode?

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Use: change mouse cursor window property and set it to none. You could also set up some logic in get window dimenstions so that it sets it to none only if fullscreen (full resolution of your display: 1920x1080 or other size). That’s one thing that is so powerful about Vuo! Everything is achievable in nodes - not application preferences!  


Yup, that will do. Thanks!

Here is a comp:

HideMouseCursor.vuo (2.93 KB)

Thanks, I’ve already applied the change mouse cursor node to a modified version of the ShowAudioFrequencies example composition.

ShowAudioFrequencies_vDC.vuo (14.2 KB)

Greatness! I posted here so that if other users needed this as a resource they could see how it’s done. Personally I usually run 2 displays so I don’t normally need to do this- but it’s super helpful for kiosk and other things! (I also post composition images for that same reason). ;-)