How to speed up node development?

While developing nodes for Vuo, is there any way to skip the steps of stopping the composition, reopening the editor and running the composition again?
It takes quite a long time to do this every time.

Is there maybe a way to recompile and run the test composition on the command line with a single command, without opening the editor etc. ?

I think this request is related and could be a future solution to the problem: “Edit node C code in the Vuo Editor […]”


@jvolker, yes, from the command line you can do this:

vuo-export macosx YourComposition.vuo && open

(The vuo-export command is included with the SDK. Check out the Command Line Tools chapter in the manual.)

Regarding automatically reloading nodes in Vuo Editor — I’d like to see that happen, too. I created a feature request for you; it’s now open for community voting.