How to stop data feedback loop....


I have a problem. I made an app in Vuo. The app has some sliders and toggle buttons to set it up/make settings. I also made a remote control Plugin in Wire to control the app from Resolume. The plugin and App communicate through OSC. I like to make settings from the app or the plugin. Now the problem occurse, I’m getting a osc feedback loop if i change something in the plugin or app.
I’ve tried a lot of things to stop it but can’t seem to get it under control.
How can i make a difference in data updated in the app or in the plugin?
So closing the OSC output of the app if data is coming from the osc input (the plugin) and closing the osc input of the app if the data is changed in the app through the sliders and buttons and send out through OSC to update the plugins settings.

I hope this makes sense.

thx and greetings


Hi @NoodleDesign,

I’d try to stop the feedback in the Vuo composition. I’d go storing the output value that comes from any controller in Vuo in a queue of 2 elements, so that it contains the last value received on the top and the previous in the second queue element. Then you could compare the two: if they are different you can forward the last value via OSC. If they are the same, you could do nothing, interrupting this way the feedback. Surely some useless feedback occurs - but as soon as a value reached for the second time the same controller this check would stop it.



Hi Michele,

Thank you very much for the reply. :pray:

I’ve made this with your instructions :wink:. And put it just before OSC Make Message.

This work really well to stop feedback from buttons and incoming OSC Controller Data. It didn’t stop the feedback if i moved the “make slider” in the Vuo app.
But i solved that by using a Receive Mouse Drags on Layer and a select output to close the osc input.

Thx so much for the help…great

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Great that you found a solution! For future reference, the Allow Changes node might simplify things a bit. The general idea of interrupting the feedback when you see repeated values sounds like a good approach.