How to use Select Output with more than 2 values?

Select Output with a variable number of outputs are not yet available (see this feature request). What can I do in the meantime?

For now, you can link multiple Select Output nodes together into a binary tree.

I’ve attached 2 examples: one that selects between up to 4 outputs, and one that selects between up to 8 outputs. Send an event through the orange node when you’d like to switch the output. When you send data+events through the violet node, they’ll be routed to only a single output port. (The violet node is generic, so you can connect any kind of data to it.)

I’ve also attached an example of how you might use this — when the mouse moves, its X position chooses which of the 4 image filters/generators to use; only the currently-selected one is executed. (When Select Output and Select Latest nodes are available with a variable number of ports in Vuo 1.0.0, it’ll cut the number of nodes in this example in half.)  

selectoutput-4.vuo (4.72 KB)

selectoutput-8.vuo (7.99 KB)

image-selector.vuo (9.76 KB)

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Thanks for answering my email question :)

What a great system! You all have put so much into it, it’s cool how there are already viable answers for much of this stuff.