Howto show values of long list

Im working with a list of rgbw values and would like to see the values which are sent out. I’ll have around 60 values. How can I display the values in the Editor, which seem to cut lists with … ?


Yeah, the editor (port popover) displays only the first several items in the list. The reason for this is to make the composition run faster / use less CPU by limiting the amount of information sent from the composition to the editor.

You can show the complete list by using the Display Console Window node. Display Console Window inputs text, so you need to convert the list to text format. How? You can convert a single item to text using Summarize Value. To convert the entire list to text, put Summarize Value in a feedback loop with Process List, and combine the resulting list of texts into a single text with Append Texts. The attached composition demonstrates.

ShowLongList.vuo (2.1 KB)