I want to make something like attached file in vuo

Can you reproduce javascript patch of Quartz Composer in Vuo?

I am glad if I can have advice because I attach the file of the sample.

sample.qtz_.zip (15.9 KB)


There is no Javascript node yet in Vuo.
Perhaps if you can code you can make one ? ;)

I tried to open your .qtz but I got a bunch of missing patches and errors so I’m unable to know what you want to achieve (I don’t use Quartz anymore since Vuo).
Can you perhaps explain the goal ? Or better submit a video ?

PS : the Vuo team also has some paid service for Quartz composer translation into Vuo if you need faster and premium support ;)

I’m sorry

Then I change a question.
If there is method intellect to draw, please tell me Japanese yen with a patch called Make Line Mesh in a line.

I think that I can do it if I draw a calculating formula of Japanese yen with Calculate patch, but do not understand a calculating formula.

Please refer to an attached image as an image.


Not sure with what you mean with “Japanese Yen” but if you want to create circle line meshes in Vuo there are several methods.
Here is one method, with parametric points and a circle formula + a method using @vjsatoshi’s Generate Circle.

With Satoshi’s method you’ll have to download and install his node, the other method is pure stock nodes.
The Satoshi nodes can be found here : Satoshi Recent Posts
Hope this helps.

Composition + Screenshots below.


Parametric Points Circles [CH].vuo (3.84 KB)

3D Satoshi Circle [CH].vuo (3.68 KB)


Had a bit of a play with your comp @Bodysoulspirit, hope you don’t mind! :-) Got some animation in there!

Parametric Points Circles [CH][AWM Remix].vuo (7.3 KB)