Identify largest item in list

Here’s a brain teaser.

I’m trying to identify the largest item from a real list. I want to identify the number of that item from it’s placement in the list and output that as an integer.

For example if we have 5 items in the list:


I need to generate an integer value representing the order number of the highest value (in this case the integer would be 3 because 0.2 is the highest value out of all 5 items).

Is the number of items in the list fixed or can/will it change while the composition is running? What is the range of the variable values?  

Using Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies.

Identify largest item in list.vuo (3.04 KB)

Here’s another approach using Process List. When the list is finished processing, Hold Value will have the index of the largest value in the list.

Largest_Item_in_List.vuo (3.3 KB)

Vuo 1.2.6 added a Position output port to the Find Minimum/Maximum node.