Image Filter in VDMX

Hello everyone!

This is my first post in this community, thank you in advance.
I am a Vdmx user and I have a problem: I can not use image filters in vdmx, I tried to insert Image filters in all the folders and subfolders of vdmx but without any positive result.
Currently I have a macbook with High Sierra 10.13.3, and the latest versions of vdmx and Vuo.
Does anyone know how to help me?
Thank you so much


I’m not a VDMX user, but searching for VDMX here on the website led me to :

Does this helps you ? What do you mean with installing all filters ?


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Thank you,
it helps but it doesn’t solve the problem.
I can see the vuo plugin in the Plugin Folder (Vuo-based plugin), but I can’t see it in the asset in layer fx.

Welcome, @jungbas :)

In VDMX, Go to Help > Open Assets Folder in Finder. Create a folder called vuoFX and put your compositions in there. Then restart VDMX. Your compositions should show up in an FX panel in the Load Asset dropdown menu under Vuo.

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yes! It works!
Just another question:
why when I apply the effect (pixellate, blend with feedback etc.) creates an annoying flickering?

This is what I mean: there’s the screenshot of the simple vuo comp (pixellate image), then a video. You can see that sometimes the image flickers, like strobe effect. Why? Is there something wrong ?

thank you