Image generator protocol start-up

Hello everyone!

What is the best option for firing a Make Text Layer on the startup of an image generator protocol composition?

Option 1: Time port sends an event to the allow first event node and that node connects to the Make Text Layer.

Option 2: Fire on Start Node connects to the Make Text Layer.

Both of these options are working but, I really want to know which one is better? Or what is the best way to do it?
Most of my comps are made with image generator protocol to use them with VDMX.

Thanx for reading this post and spending your time.

Please check the screenshots below to see both options.

Check the second last comment by @Bodysoulspirit here as I had the same question re Allow First Event or Fire on Start:

For protocol compositions it’s best to use Allow First Event, hope that helps!


Thank you very much Joëlle and @Bodysoulspirit for the explanation. When I started programming with Vuo I made many compositions with Fire on start and Fire on display refresh nodes because the majority of the examples I tried were not protocol comps.
Now it is time to re-edit the old protocol compositions! Thnx again!  



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