Images not loading reliably

Please see the attached.
Sometimes the all files load fine, invariably one is missing, sometimes one is incomplete.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to create a simple demonstrator.
Is there an issue trying to load N images simultaneously?

Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 7.37.59 pm.png

I haven’t seen a problem like that before, and wasn’t able to reproduce it in a simple demonstration either.

When you say the images are missing or incomplete, are you checking them immediately after they come out of the Fetch Image nodes or farther down the line?

Do you see any relevant messages in Tools > Show Console? (Or feel free to save all Show Console messages to file and attach it here.)

Can you think of anything unusual about the image files that you’re loading? Are they especially large? Or on a network drive?

Do you still see the problem if you replace the multiple Fetch Image nodes with a single Fetch List of Images?

Yes to checking them immediately from the Fetch Image node.
Not especially large, 1920x1080 pngs with alpha channel.
On local drive.

In any case, I moved forward hoping it would pass, and it seems to have.
The only other thing I noticed is that it didn’t necessarily load the image if I forced a Fire Event.