In File > Export > Movie, support exporting movies with audio

Vuo currently allows you to render high quality video. As its audio capabilities grow it would be fantastic to allow the audio to be rendered as well.

Included in this request is to save at different sample rates: 44100, 48000, 96000 etc and sample rates: 16 & 24.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Vuo’s Save to Movie node already supports exporting audio, so I changed the title to specify that it’s about the File > Export > Movie feature.

Can we also have either save audio as PCM, or a dedicated save audio node/dialogue? I am envisioning using Vuo one day as a complete audio / visual powerhouse. (Visual isn’t enough!!)

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Possibly as a first step towards this, generator protocol mode could include an audio-time port?  

@alexmitchellmus, the two ideas you suggested (ability to save/export to audio file, ability to input audio when exporting a movie) deserve their own feature requests / discussions, I think. This FR is focused on the ability to output audio from a composition while exporting a movie.

Seems like OBS and a little audio routing is the way :)  

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