Include source code of nodes in editor

Feature to include source of Vuo stock nodes within Vuo. Would allow cloning of nodes from witin the editor, and easy modification.

So basically, somehow the same as we commented on Edit node C code in the Vuo Editor have it do all the QT wrangling for the node ?

What do you mean with “Include Source Code of Nodes” ? Just to include them, shown in any way ?
Or as mentioned on the other discussion, the possibility to “edit stock node” and “save modified node as new node” (with auto-relaunch ;)) ?

Yes. I am guessing that nodes that include source code (as opposed to precompilednodes) could (may - I don’t know - @jstrecker may want to answer this) have an edit menu or something like that. So if you see a node you like - or a simple template node - you can just duplicate it and edit the c code directly in Vuo. Considering that included non-pro nodes are already available as source (and downloadable) it would be cool to allow super easy utilisation of them.

@Bodysoulspirit just read your post! Crazy! I hadn’t read that! Great minds hey! ;-)  

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Great minds hey! ;-)


Opened for voting.

Not sure about the UI yet, but I imagine it would tie in with Edit node C code in the Vuo Editor. Perhaps a “new node from existing node” option in the overhead menu and a “view source” option in the right-click menu for built-in nodes.

Great @jstrecker!

Also in future can that view source be available to any source node (including custom nodes) not only built in nodes?  


Also in future can that view source be available to any source node (including custom nodes) not only built in nodes?

If yes, there should be a way to hide the source code of a node from within the node code, as I can imagine some guys wan’t to sell some nodes without opening the source code too would they not ?

This shouldn’t interfere with selling nodes at all @Bodysoulspirit.

Currently Vuo is only able to run ‘precompiled’ nodes, (nodes that have been made in QT Developer Tools) basically you write the C or C++ code and then compile them into machine code.

In the future if you want to easily code your own without using QT Developer then Vuo will have the ability to dynamically generate Vuo nodes from C or C++ placed within the node folder.

If anyone wants to sell nodes, then you simply use QT Developer to compile the nodes into machine code. Very hard to reverse engineer your work (impossible)

Even if Team Vuo made the .c nodes locked, then you would simply be able to go into the node folder and check out the source.

So to conclude:

  • Vuo currently only allows pre-compiled nodes.
  • Future versions of Vuo may allow source code nodes to run, (and edit from within Vuo)
  • If you want to sell nodes simply make pre-compiled nodes.

Does that make sense?  

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@alexmitchellmus chinese stuff for me but sounds fine ;) As long as devs have the possibility you mention it sounds really good !

For a node that has its source code packaged with it, yes, this FR could cover showing the source code, same as built-in nodes.

I appreciate the productive discussion. Just want to clarify one thing, so nobody gets overconfident thinking their source code is more protected than it is: Nodes are compiled to a format called LLVM bitcode that happens to be fairly easy to reverse engineer. To support sellers who want to keep their source code a secret, we’d need to enable Vuo to read 3rd-party nodes that come in some more protective format.

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Ok I think I was a bit overconfident! ;-). Lol!

My thinking was it was impossible for end user - not hacker… ;-). @jstrecker do you think there is a need for a FR for encrypted nodes? This may open up Vuo to another audience, node developers?

For encrypted nodes, there’s already a related FR, It had originally only mentioned compositions. I just added nodes to the title, since the work would be similar and either could be useful to node developers. No need to create a separate FR.