Input editors for selecting input/output devices

As of Vuo 1.2, these device nodes have input editors allowing you to easily select a specific device from a menu:

  • Receive HID Controls
  • Receive OSC Messages
  • Receive Serial Data
  • Send OSC Messages
  • Send Serial Data

…but these nodes don’t yet have input editors:

  • Receive Art-Net Messages
  • Receive Image via Syphon
  • Receive Live Audio
  • Receive Live Video
  • Receive MIDI Events
  • Send Art-Net Messages
  • Send Live Audio
  • Send MIDI Event

This feature request is to give the latter nodes input editors, so you can easily pick a device from a menu (without having to use nodes such as Make MIDI Input from Name).

I just bought Vuo and immediately ran into this. It’s not entirely clear how I am supposed to make a “device” by name. There is a List Audio Devices but I’m not sure how to create a select box for choosing which one I want. And it’s also unclear whether this means ‘device’ or ‘device/channel’, as I don’t see a channel selection on the ‘Receive Live Audio’ block.

In short, I would say that the experience of trying to add an input from my interface has been a bit of a demoralizing experience. There’s just too many ‘what/where/how’ questions that pop up immediately that I’m sure don’t pose a problem for experienced users but which make the process uncomfortable.

If not this feature, then a detailed tutorial of setting up a non-default interface would be highly appreciated!

Released in Vuo 1.2.3.