'Insert Share' option when right-clicking on Cable

This one, I hope, is super-easy, but should save a lot of work.

Problem: I find it common to need to re-wire many cables coming from a single node port. In this case, I need to manually add a share, and then re-cable every single one of them. If these cables go long ‘distances’ on the canvas, this can be very laborious.

Suggestion: An option that appear when right-clicking on a cable that says ‘Insert Share’. This simply inserts a single Share node, at the mouse position, appropriate to the cables Type (for example, list, event, value), keeping all connections.

For bonus points:
Shen a cable is selected, some information is shown about it in the info panel. This would be similar to selecting a node, which shows info on this node. For a cable, this could be data type, event throttling.
This panel could also expose the same right-click functionality, including ‘Insert Share’.

Pretty sure I requested this about five years ago! Kineme made a tool to do this and many other things for QC and I and others used the right-click “Insert splitter” functionality A LOT. Vuo compositions tend to have less cables for any given task than QC compositions, but it’s obviously still a time and frustration saver to implement this. Should be a trivial add like you say, Keith. (Note you could hack the Vuo XML code the same way we used to hack the QC file XML just for fun to manually do it, maybe even script it in a software editor to be automatic).

Mostly, in the use case where you’d have a bunch of noodles coming of an output port and you want to insert a patch between the port and all the noodles…say for example round a float type to an int type…the only only way to do it without rewire every receiving patch was to "insert splitter to the output port then wire the new patches to the output port and then to the splitter which would share then new code with the existing code.  

Right — thanks. So there probably be a slightly different behaviour when right clicking on a port — it should insert a splitter with one end connected to the port, and the other end to n number of cables. In this case, there is the scenario where multiple Split nodes will need to be automatically added, to handle the case where events and values are wired to the same port.

I’d like this as well

We’d like to merge this request into FR Insert node between other nodes.

As for your “bonus,” could you create a separate feature request?

Thanks @jmcc

‘Bonus’ feature split off as its own feature request: https://community.vuo.org/t/-/6821  

Merged into Insert node between other nodes.