Interactive video using Touch Osc

Hello there

I am currently trying to find a solution for video projection using an ipad as the interface for stop start operations. This is for a museum context, and will run as a permanent installation. I’m wondering if it’s possible to build a very simple interface in touch osc, or something similar -three buttons, each button triggering the start of a different video file, which will then continue to loop until another button is triggered…

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Hi and welcome @leben ;).
I’ve never used Touch OSC but performing a search, it seems you’re goal is very close to some composition & tutorial done by the Vuo team, so should work !

Composition : Composition: Video mixer controlled by Android/iOS
Transcript of the tutorial : Using TouchOSC to control a Vuo video mixer

You’ll need to make some changes, but same kind of thing. Start there, and ask for help if stuck ;).
PS : Just read in the tutorial it’s better if you create your own network for the devices, some restrictions maybe with public wifi, so just check that.
Hope this helps already,



@bodysoulspirit Thank you, I am currently pursuing this line of inquiry, will let you know how I get on.

Cheers :)