interchanging different versions of nodes in differing versions of Vuo

Hi guys… enjoying tons of success in Vuo 2 (2.0beta2) - awesome!!

So I have been updating a number of compositions to Vuo2, and ask myself to what extent I can copy paste nodes form old compositions into Vuo 2

par example… “render image to window” , which had multiple Set window property ins (which I kind of miss…)
I can paste the version 1 node into Vuo 2 and it runs ok - while it (logically) does not appear in the node library in Vuo2.

There are more examples, and sometimes it causes problems…
Will there be a time where only compatible nodes can even exist in a Vuo2 composition (as they appear in the node library), or will they continue to be interchangeable?

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 14.07.21.png

It’s totally OK to copy-paste nodes from Vuo 1.x compositions into Vuo 2.0. The nodes that have been replaced in Vuo 2.0 are “deprecated” — there’s some more info about that at and .

At some point we may need to remove the deprecated nodes, but we haven’t set a timeline for removing them. It mostly depends on how much effort it takes to keep the deprecated nodes working (which so far hasn’t been much).

As for multiple “Set Window Properties”, you can chain nodes, as seen in the “Show Primary and Secondary Window” example composition under the Window examples.

Hi Jean Marie, thanks for the reply… chaining nodes into the properties port has an issue (for me) in that all properties are applied at once, regardless how far up the chain you fire an event… it’s no show stopper - just not as handy as in the previous version


As you may know, you can use one of the Select Input or Select Latest nodes to change which window properties are expressed.