Interface between published ports and Nexus OSC

A new protocol mode named Performance

Performance allows users to publish ports, and when the composition is run a simple web server servers the Nexus Web Audio Interfaces Javascript UI widgets.

Nexus OSC allows UI widgets to be generated: Buttons; Sliders; Envelopes; etc.

This protocol would greatly simplify the control of Vuo for live performance, and allow easy creation of custom interfaces.

When a user logs into the Vuo Nexus OSC interface, (from iPhone; iPad; Android; Linux; PC) they are able to control Vuo compositions simply and easily.

This would work well on top of A UI for storing and editing published input port values. That FR would give the option for published ports to be editable via a UI window. This FR would give the additional option for published ports to be editable via OSC.

I think I see where you’re coming from with the term “protocol”. When you run an image generator or image filter protocol composition, Vuo wraps the composition with some additional nodes that feed data into the published inputs and render the published output image. Similarly, this FR would wrap the composition with nodes that interface with Nexus OSC. But since this FR would not actually add another protocol (predefined set of published ports), I’ve edited the title to reflect that.