Is it possible to Render to Full Screen automatically on a chosen display?

I realise I can move a Render Window to a display and press (Command+F) to make it fullscreen but I was wondering if it’s possible, or will be possible to have a composition Window automatically Render to Full Screen on a chosen Display? If not does anyone know if this will be a feature available in the future? I don’t see anything currently on the Roadmap talking about this.

There is a feature request for it and even a mockup from the Vuo team, so I would assume it is in the works. If you have any credits you could pledge them towards that feature.

The Change Fullscreen Status node (new in Vuo 0.8.0) lets you automatically make a window fullscreen on either the default or a specific screen.

I saw that in the last release! Nice to see!

So looking forward to 0.9.0 release !!!