Is noise functions random per editor/app startup?

My mac had an unfortunate meeting with a switch in my luggage in the overhead compartment of a plane, so I can’t check this myself at the moment. I suddenly got to wonder if Vuo has the easiest noise looping workflow available, by animating a circle at the input of the Make Gradient Noise node. What would be neat if that is the case, would be to have a seed input for this node, so that it’s not only easy - but repeatable.

Should I feature request this, or does noise generation work in a totally different way?

Yep, feeding a circular series of points into Make Gradient Noise results in a nice looping series of noise points. Make Gradient Noise uses Perlin noise, which is deterministic — you’ll get the same series of noise points every time the composition runs. If you want a different series of noise points, you can transform the input position — for example, by offsetting the circle along the Z axis, like in the attached composition.

noiseloop-seed.vuo (4.18 KB)

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