Is there a "curves" image option to alter black and white balance?

Hi guys

Is there any node (or a workaround) that allows me to alter the black and white balance of the image? For example in photoshop there are “curves” and “levels” that allow you to move the midpoint of the contrast. I don’t know the full terminology but if you’ve ever messed around with photoshop you probably know what I’m talking about.

I’m working with the kinect which gives a black and white depth image. It would be really useful to tweak the “curves” so that some areas are really white and some are really black for example.

There might be some workaround but for now I can’t figure it out.


Vuo doesn’t currently have an exact equivalent of Photoshop’s curves/levels filter, but you can use the Adjust Image Colors node’s Gamma port to adjust the gradation between light and dark. Here’s an example, with the original depth image on the left, and the image with gamma 6 on the right:

depth-curve.vuo (2.9 KB)

The Contrast, Brightness, and Exposure ports may also be useful for manipulating depth images.

Thanks, I already use gamma quite a lot with the kinect. I’m actually making my experiments with the kinect v2 - it has greater detail but the black and white curve isn’t as nice as the v1.

One workaround is to split the image into two using the lumakey (ie a dark half and a light half). Then you can apply a different gamma to each half of the image.