"Is within..." alpha/depth

I’m seeing a lot of touch-screen potential for the “is within” series of nodes. It would be great to be able to sample/select moving objects in scenes. This could be done by way of alpha or the depth map. ie. the node would know which object in the scene occupies the space sampled. Another good way to expand the current nodes would be to add an extra “has alpha” parameter that lets the zero alpha parts of a layer be invisible to the sampler and send it looking to layers beneath. That way you can create any elaborate shapes you like for buttons etc.


Both of those features (hit-testing scene objects, and hit-testing layers respecting alpha) are on our long-term plan but not currently scheduled. If the community makes them a priority for us by pledging credits, we’ll be able to schedule them sooner.

As @Bodysoulspirit pointed out, the Receive Mouse Drags on Layer node has the same limitation. This feature request should encompass that node as well.

@jstrecker ok I hadn’t understood this feature request about that ! Thanks ;)