Issue building menuInputEditor example


I am trying to build this exemple from the SDK (0.7.0) but I am stuck with the error :

make: *** No rule to make target ../../../framework/resources/inputEditorWidgets/widget.pch', needed by pch/ExampleLanguageInputEditor/objective-c++.pch’. Stop.

I setup QT_ROOT = /Users/cbaranger/Qt/5.3 and in the make file I notice the line

PRECOMPILED_HEADER = $$VUO_FRAMEWORK_PATH/resources/inputEditorWidgets/widget.pch

This file doesn’t exist so I am wandering wath is the issue ?

Thanks for your help,

Hi, @steamboy. Sorry for the delay in responding; we’ve all been super-busy working on the Vuo 0.8 release.

It looks like there was an oversight in our packaging script; the inputEditorWidgets folder should have been included in the SDK archive, but it wasn’t. We’ll get that fixed in the 0.8 release.

In the meantime, you can download the Vuo source code archive (, build it, then use its framework/resources/inputEditorWidgets folder.

Fixed in Vuo 0.8.0 — the SDK download now includes inputEditorWidgets.