"Iterator back to front" equivalent

The old QC example patch “iterator back to front” gives you the impression of endless shapes passing you by. How would I do this with Vuo? I can make scene objects at the points of a line but I don’t know how to make that line cycle. Has anyone done something similar?

Here is my solution. Hope this helps.

cubeparade.vuo (13 KB)

thanks @mixfilet, that certainly achieves the effect, but I was looking at doing it with the build/process list nodes so that things could be changed per iteration over time(unlike in an enqueue). Perhaps Jaymie or Steve could chime in.

I was going to suggest Tile 3D Object (like in File > Open Example > Scene > Tile Starfield), but that repeats one object (or set of objects) and it sounds like you want some kind of continually changing objects. Could you explain what you mean by things being changed per iteration over time? Or post a video of the “Iterator front to back” example if convenient.

For instance changing colour over the duration of the animation, or being able to access each item’s properties individually. When they’re in a queue it’s not like a qc iterator. To see the file I’m talking about right-click QC and Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > Examples. There you’ll find the old “iterator back to front” example.

Here’s a composition that gives the illusion of objects endlessly moving back to front and gradually changing color as they do so. Actually it’s 8 objects that each repeatedly slide forward 1 z-coordinate and then jump back to where they started.

EndlessShapes-CycleInPlace.vuo (7.93 KB)