iTime in shader

I use “iTime” in a shadertoy shader node and get the console error below

default 10:16:53.672658 +0800 VuoCompositionLoader VuoGlShader_parseShaderInfoLog():1176 ERROR: 0:57: Use of undeclared identifier ‘iTime’

The documentation for image.make.shadertoy suggests iTime is available.

Vuo 2.0

iMouse while not giving an error seems to be ignored.

Any possibility there is a bug in the code ? I don’t code, but the joined Shadertoy example using iTime doesn’t seem to send an error in Vuo 2 beta 2  

iTime.vuo (2.34 KB)

Where do I find the latest beta?

Here : Vuo 2.0.0-beta2 released
Agreed they’re somehow hard to find, wish there was a “beta” option in the “download” menu, or a link on top of the “All Releases” page.

This issue “went away”? Strange.

Any chance you used the old v1 Shadertoy node in Vuo 2 beta ?
Had problems too reopening older Vuo 1.2.8 compositions, the new syntax needs the v2 Shadertoy node if I’m right.  

Compare Shadertoy Nodes iTime.vuo (3.61 KB)


Yes, I believe that was the case.

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